The Recycling Rewards campaign aimed to encourage more residents to recycle by running a community based recycling reward scheme. Recycling bins were tagged with a golden ticket if they were presented on collection day with the correct materials. Residents were enthused to take part as tags could be converted into awards for their local primary schools.

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Oldham golden ticket                                               Manchester golden ticket rewards tag


Oldhams Golden Ticket                                               Manchester Golden Ticket




Bury golden ticket                                                 tameside golden ticket


Bury Golden Ticket                                                             Tameside Golden Ticket




oldham golden ticket                               Manchester leaflet


Oldham Rewards Leaflet                                     Manchester Rewards Leaflet


bury ticket                                 tameside golden ticket


Bury Rewards Leaflet                                         Tameside Reward Leaflet



Manchester miss you card

Manchester don’t miss out cards