Private Rental

Often residents in private rental accommodation tend to be more transient and stay in one place for a shorter amount of time. This means that recycling messages are quickly lost as tenants move out and new ones move in. The private rental recycling campaign worked with landlords and tenants to improve communication channels. It also created permanent recycling notices in properties to act as constant reminder to residents on the recycling services available. Campaign materials developed as part of this campaign are shown below:

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Manchester perm signage                                    manchester funiture

Manchester permanent poster                                               Furniture Reuse Leaflet


Manchester big tidy up leaflet                                   Tameside permanent notice

Manchester big tidy up leaflet                                                 Tameside permanent poster 


tameside urdu notice                                    tameside Gujarati notice

Tameside urdu permanent poster                                         Tameside Gujarati permanent poster


tameside polish notice

Tameside Polish permanent poster


Tameside chute poster

Tameside Chute poster


tameside chute poster no header

Tameside chute poster no heading


trafford bin calendar

Trafford bin calendar


Trafford Furniture flyer

Trafford furniture leaflet


trafford moving leaflet

Trafford moving in/out leaflet


Stockport bin leaflet

Stockport bin leaflet


stockport bin sticker

Stockport bin sticker