Recycling Booster Day

A training day has been held at Ikea, Tameside to educate local Housing Association Officers on the importance of recycling in their area.

Housing officers from Ashton Pioneer Homes, Aksa, and Regenda in the St Peter’s West End area of Ashton, along with Tameside Council Recycling and Enforcement Team, met to receive training on recycling and waste minimisation from Recycle for Greater Manchester’s Life+ Team.

The aim of the day was to give housing officers the tools and knowledge to engage with their residents to ensure the correct items are being recycled, to help reduce contaminated waste and reduce the amount of waste produced. The officers were also given the tools to answer difficult questions such as, ‘where does our waste go?’, ‘how waste relates to climate change issues?’, and ‘why it is important for residents to get involved?’. This ensures that a consistent and constant message is being given across the area.

Following the training, the group were given a tour of Ikea and were informed of the initiatives the store has managed to recycle  90% of their waste and how innovative design has led to less packaging, less waste and less raw resources used in manufacturing.

Rachel Holmes, Sustainability Specialist at Ikea said: “At IKEA, sustainability is a natural part of our everyday work. In store, we believe that waste is a resource; we currently recycle 90% of our waste and we’re hoping to increase this over the next year. I’m always thrilled to have the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise to help people in our community to live a more sustainable life at home, as well as helping them save money and time by using less energy, water and waste. It was great to have the Up and Forward team and the group in store, and I think everyone took something away from the day as well as having a bit of fun!”

In the afternoon, officers were given the opportunity to use these new skills to engage with their residents face-to-face by giving out specially designed permanent notices, giving information about recycling facilities in their area and listening to resident queries.

Vicki Davies, Ashton Pioneer Homes Housing Officer said: “We found today to be really informative and will be a huge benefit to our residents. It was great to meet other local Housing Officers and know that we are giving out the correct recycling information and have the knowledge to help out our residents. I believe this partnership will lead to a successful project.”

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