Recycling activity day for Glodwick, Oldham

Recycling themed street activities took place on Friday 1st November in Glodwick, Oldham, as part of a campaign to increase recycling participation in the area.

The event, arranged by Recycle for Greater Manchester’s Life + funded Up and Forward team, consisted of a range of fun activities including craft sessions to teach children how to make things such as bags by re-using rubbish, litter picking, bin ordering, surveying, literature distribution and bin decorating.

Residents braved the rain and were encouraged to bring along their bins so they could be marked up with their house number by a graffiti artist. This was a great success with the artist decorating over 80 bins throughout the day. It is important for residents to mark up their bins to discourage bin robberies, which the bin decorating aims to do.

Alongside the activities refreshments were given to the residents participating in the fun filled day. The activities were put in place to help educate and involve the community about waste prevention and recycling.
The recycling activity day started at 10am on Landseer Street, and worked its way around to another two streets: Calderbrook Way and Jinnah Close.  Each street was given a one and a half hour slot for local residents to take advantage of the activities being provided. After a successful and busy day the event finally came to a close at 3pm.


The Up & Forward project looks at ways of encouraging residents to waste less and recycle more in currently hard to reach communities. The aim is to carry out a project that will demonstrate how improved communication and engagement can increase waste prevention and recycling in low performing urban areas.
The event is part of the faith campaign and prior to the recycling day, Waterloo Street Mosque and the Pakistani Community Centre also took part in promoting the event.


The project also saw support from Recycling Ambassadors; residents who have volunteered their time, officers from Oldham Council and officers from Regenda and Aksa housing associations.
Abigail Reed Campaign Officer for the Up and Forward team said:

“The aim of the event was to educate the community about recycling by using non-traditional methods. Through holding various activities we successfully engaged with residents and also taught both adults and children how to recycle correctly.”

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