Re – think waste road show, Bury

The Jinnah Centre in Bury was a hive of activity on Wednesday 6th November as the centre hosted a re-think your waste event.  This was part of a recycling campaign running in the area which is being carried out by the Recycle for Greater Manchester Life + funded Up and Forward project, and Bury Council.

The recycling event began at 11.30am and consisted of a wide range of recycling themed activities throughout the day. Local residents were invited to take part in recycling games whereby their recycling knowledge was tested and they could get the chance to win a prize.

Students from Bury College carried out cooking demonstrations using common leftovers, and residents were invited to donate their own recipes via a recipe swap.

The finishing touch to the fun filled event was the distribution of a recipe booklet created by the community to encourage others to reduce their food waste and be creative with their leftovers.

There was a vast turnout of people with over 100 residents taking part; among them was The Worshipful the Mayor, Councillor Sharon Briggs and the Mayoress, Mrs Shirley Rabbitt, speaking about the event the Mayor said “It was very encouraging to see so many people turn up to the Re-think Waste Roadshow. The event has been a fun way to engage with the local community and help people to recycle more and reduce their waste going into landfill. It was great to see Bury College catering students at the centre. This event has given the students a good opportunity to get involved in the community activities. They were able to showcase their learning and develop new skills.”

The event finally came to a close at 2.30pm and the day proved to be a success. The Up & Forward project looks at ways to capture the attention of low participating recycling areas where there is a high volume of single faith or religion in a specific community along with educating them on the benefits of recycling and wasting less, through a form of communication that will effectively target that specific community.
Michelle lynch, Campaign Officer commented on how this event has played a big part in breaking down the barriers of communication when it comes to effectively communicating with hard to reach communities. “We all need to ensure we are doing our bit to reduce waste and recycle more. By talking to the community we can make sure people have the right information and understand what barriers there are to recycling. The campaign is all about listening to people and developing innovative ways to help people recycle that little bit more.”

The Up & Forward project will continue to work with the community until February 2014. For more details on the project and future activities please visit: