Oldham pupils go green for rewards

Alt Primary School and St Hugh’s C of E Primary School in Oldham have been rewarded for taking part in a recycling competition that aimed to increase recycling rates.

Residents living in Alt and Holts were rewarded with a golden ticket every time they put their recycling bins out for collection with the correct items inside.
The schools then had to compete to see who could collect the most tickets.
At the end of the four weeks the tickets were counted and the £1000 cash prize was distributed between the schools according to how many tickets they collected. Alt Primary was the winning school, and was rewarded £533.00 for collecting 932 golden tickets, closely followed by St Hugh’s C of E Primary School, that collected a total of 816 golden tickets and was rewarded £467.00. The money donated to the schools will be spent on environmental goods.


Councillor Zahid Chauhan was there to present the prize to the winning school: “I am thankful to Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority for running the LIFE+ campaign in Oldham. There is no doubt LIFE+ created a buzz and recycling awareness in the local area. I am sure local residents and pupils of the schools that took part learned a lot from this campaign.”

Councillor Jenny Harrison also supported the campaign and said:

“I am extremely proud of the children of Alt Primary School and St Hugh’s C of E Primary School and I would like to thank them on behalf of Oldham Council. By learning to conserve the Earth’s precious resources and protecting it from excessive landfill, they are learning to be good citizens of Oldham. The large number of golden tickets they have collected shows that they are also having a good influence on their grownups. Keep up the good work Alt and Holts.”

Abigail Reed, campaign officer for the Recycling Rewards campaign, discusses how a small step towards educating the younger generation can allow them to put forward their knowledge to others: “Both schools collected an impressive amount of tickets which shows that a lot of people in the area are now recycling correctly. The Alt Primary and St Hugh’s C of E Primary pupils who took part in the campaign learnt a lot and can now pass on their recycling knowledge.”