Students can be hard to engage with when it comes to recycling. Therefore, to increase the reach of the recycling message, the Up and Forward project focused on a communication channel that is used frequently by young people – Gaming.

The project worked in partnership with the School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Media at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) to create an innovative game which would appeal to students and young people.

The new app ‘Getting Wasted’ was designed by computer students at Manchester Metropolitan University to give the city’s 70,000+ students a gentle nudge – to tidy up and recycle. The phone, tablet and web based game involves players sorting through rubbish in virtual rooms and putting the waste into the correct bins. It’s simple to play and features different levels where the recycling needs to be sorted, becoming increasingly difficult with bonus items and levels.

The game is available as a FREE download from the following;

appstore                         Get-it-on-Google-Play

There are also two desktop versions of the game. The first is the original and the second a child friendly version called Bin Bunny. Simply click on the text below to download your FREE copy.

Getting Wasted

Bin Bunny 

Please see below for examples of the game as it appears on Apple.