Throughout the project we have created eight short recycling films about the campaigns. These are themed around important recycling messages. The films were created by students at the University of Bolton who gained valuable work experience planning and recording the ‘Up and Forward’ activities. We hope these films will reach a wider audience to learn about what we have been doing and of course how to recycle better!

As part of our Culture recycling campaign and film production we also created the ‘Living For Brighter Days’ song. You can listen to our song here:

Living for Brighter Days*

*Please note This song is available for use on a non commercial basis. It cannot be sold or financially profited from in any way.

Subtitled films          Signed films

Please find below our most recent recycling films:

Up and Forward | A Bollywood Recycling Love Story

Up and Forward | A Recycled Fairytale

Up and Forward| Celebrating Recycling Achievement

Up and Forward | The Recycler

Up and Forward | Beat the Bin Men

Up and Forward | Golden Ticket | Bury

Cheetham Hill Community Tidy Up | Part 1

 Cheetham Hill Community Tidy Up | Part 2

Up and Forward | Eco Faith | Oldham