The recycling rewards campaign aimed to encourage more residents to recycle by running a community based recycling reward scheme. Recycling bins were tagged with a golden ticket if they were presented on collection day with the correct materials inside. Residents were enthused to take part as tags could be converted into rewards for their local primary schools.

It was expected that over the life time of the campaign residents would understand why they were being asked to recycle and then continue to recycle as part of their normal routine.


This recycling campaign has achieved great results with increases in recycling participation of over 34%. it has been the most successful out of all the campaigns. For a relatively small Golden Ticket financial investment (which included the prizes) the campaign was able to reach groups traditionally difficult to engage with on recycling issues, and who would have resisted contact at the doorstep for recycling awareness and educational programmes.  

Recruited volunteers continue to be active in the communities targeted, leaving a lasting legacy of the recycling campaign and allowing behaviour change to become sustainable.

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Leaflets and Media

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Recycling Rewards: Bury    Manchester    Oldham    Tameside


From 23rd June to 7th July 2014 residents across Newton Heath were rewarded with a golden ticket for recycling correctly. Golden tickets were attached to the handle of recycling bins (Commingled, Pulpables and Organics) if they were put out on the right collection day with the right kind of waste inside.

The local schools who took part in the campaign were:

    • All Saints CE Primary
    • Briscoe Lane Academy
    • Christ the King RC Primary
    • St Wilfrid`s CE Primary

Residents were asked to take their tickets directly to one of the four schools listed above or drop them in at one of the community collection points listed below.

    • ASDA, Newton Heath
    • Newton Heath Library
    • Sure Start Children`s Centre

The more tickets the school collected the more funds they received. All homes included in the scheme received a leaflet explaining the campaign.


From 24th June to 15th July 2014, residents on selected streets in Hattersley, Tameside received Golden Tickets in exchange for recycling household waste correctly.

Two local schools took part in the camapign:

    • Pinfold Primary School
    • St James’ Catholic Primary School.

Collection boxes were situated around the area at the following locations:

  • Pinfold Primary School
  • St James’ Catholic Primary
  • The Hub
  • One Stop/Post Office
  • Tesco Extra

All homes included in the scheme received a leaflet.

Oldhamoldham golden ticket

Residents living in Alt and Holts were rewarded with a golden ticket every time they recycled the right items in the right bins. Local residents were trained as Recycling Ambassadors and engaged with their communities by carrying out surveys, doorstep engagement, taking part in focus groups and attending school events.

Residents were asked to take their tickets to one of the many local collection points in the community. All tickets received helped towards purchasing recycling prizes for two local Primary Schools, St Hugh’s C of E Primary School and Alt Primary School.


In October and November 2014 residents across Radcliffe were rewarded with a golden ticket for recycling correctly. Tickets were given to people who put their recycling bins out on the right collection day with the right kind of waste inside. Special stickers were also used if residents were found to be recycling incorrectly. Residents were asked to take their golden tickets to one of a number of collection points in the community.

Leaflets were distributed in Radcliffe to promote the scheme and 12 local volunteers were trained in recycling and went out into the community to speak with residents, offering advice on how to recycle right. Pupils also helped to carry our surveys to find out what parents knew about recycling and what they thought of the competition idea.

Over 8 weeks, 5500 golden tickets were distributed, with 4423 handed in at collection points. A cash prize of £1000 was split 50/50 between the schools as St Mary’s collected 2195 tickets and Gorsefield Primary 2228. A special assembly took place with actor Will Ash presenting the prize cheque. Prizes were also donated by Asda’s Community Champion’s scheme.

The local collection points were:

    • St Mary’s RC Primary
    • Gorsefield Primary
    • ASDA Radcliffe
    • Radcliffe Library
    • Radcliffe Pool and Fitness Centre
    • Tesco Express (Water Street)

CLICK HERE  to see the deposit boxes designed by children for the golden tickets to be collected in.