Up and Forward Seminar

Closing seminar: Tuesday 24th March 2015
The Lowry

The Life+ Up & Forward project held their closing seminar on the 24th March 2015.

Life+ Up and Forward Recycling Project Closing Seminar

Life+ Up & Forward Closing Seminar

The seminar presented results for all 42 campaigns undertaken throughout Greater Manchester and gave a detailed insight into each campaign.

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Alternatively, you can view videos of the seminar and presentations at the following link:

Closing seminar videos

First seminar: Wednesday 3rd September 2014
Bridgewater Hall

Please see below the presentations from workshops used in the Up and Forwards first seminar.
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Workshop 1 – Volunteering                                        Workshop 2 – Faith and Culture

Workshop 3 – Empowering Communities                 Workshop 4 – Working in partnership

Workshop 5 – Apartments                                          Workshop 6 – Incorporating New Medias

Press Release
Bridgewater Hall

GMWDA Up and Forward Seminar, Bridgewater Hall. Team photo

The LIFE+ Up & Forward Team Members

Recycle for Greater Manchester’s LIFE+ Up & Forward project hosted its very first seminar on Wednesday 3rd September at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester. The seminar attracted environmental and recycling professionals from across the UK.

The Up & Forward project looks at ways of encouraging residents to waste less and recycle more in currently hard to reach communities. The aim is to carry out projects that will demonstrate how improved communication and engagement can increase waste prevention and recycling in low performing urban areas.

The project has been running since June 2013. To date the project has engaged with communities on 24 different projects in nine districts and have engaged with over 36,000 people across all the nine councils of Greater Manchester.

The seminar was an opportunity to showcase the innovative project and to share best practice with local authorities and organisations.

The seminar included a range of workshops, which included:

  • Creating volunteer opportunities; discussed how to set up a volunteering scheme, what are the pros and cons of having volunteers and examples of how we had used volunteers.
  • Incorporating faith and culture in communications explored innovative ways of communicating with communities where residents were of a majority faith or culture or an area with high diversity. The workshop identified methods on how to engage with areas in a culturally sensitive way, how to incorporate appropriate cultural messages and the importance of buy-in from culture and faith leaders.
  • Empowering communities; identifies how LIFE+ Up and Forward have encouraged people to work together to improve recycling and waste minimisation in their community. Campaigns have included a recycling rewards incentive scheme and a community celebration event.
  • Working with the private rental sector and incorporating partners; discussed in detail the importance of engaging with the private rental sector and working in partnership with local schools, colleges and universities, community groups and local authorities across all campaigns to maximise the success of all projects.
  • Apartments; outlined the problems associated with recycling in apartments around Greater Manchester and how campaigns have worked towards solving these and introducing improved recycling systems.
  • Incorporating new media; showcasing the types of new media used across all campaigns including social media, online website, and videos as well as discussing the innovative student campaigns which were developed.

Vice Chair of the Authority Councillor Nigel Murphy who opened the seminar said: ‘The seminar was a great success attracting people from across the UK and Ireland. There has been a real enthusiasm to learn about what has been achieved in Greater Manchester and deliver this to other parts of the UK.’

Thomas Williams, Waste Minimisation – Commercial and Domestic Recycling Team Supervisor from Swansea Council said: ‘All the workshops covered relevant issues and discussed similar challenges faced in our authority.”

The Up & Forward project is continuing to carry out its final campaigns which will be completed in November 2014. The project will be hosting another seminar at the end in March 2015 which will discuss the achievements and learnings of each of the campaigns.

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