Diverse Communities

Diverse communities recycling campaign Bolton

Diverse communities recycling campaign Bolton

The diverse communities campaign was carried out in communities across Greater Manchester where there was a mix of different cultures and religions.

The campaign worked closely with residents, partner organisations and community groups to establish what the barriers were to recycling. Depending on the findings, communications were either developed for the whole community or with individual targeted messages.


The campaign worked closely with community groups and key faith leaders in a variety of settings with positive results shown in participation levels across all 3 recycling waste streams. More people are now recycling, especially in the garden and food waste stream (organics).

Campaign materials were developed to tap into faith and cultural messages/themes and included ‘Love Halliwell’, ‘Be Responsible’, ‘Recycle Right’ and ‘Recycle for your Community. Doorstep engagement work was also carried out in some areas, assisted by the recruitment of Guajarati, Urdu and Hungarian translators to help deliver the recycling message. This was well received in the community.

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Leaflets and Media

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The diverse communities recycling campaign was delivered in the Gorton, Longsight and Belle Vue areas of Greater Manchester. We worked with partners including Surestart, Gorton Market and Eastland Housing. During the campaign it was found that some of the older brown commingled bins had outdated information on the lid. To address this all household were asked to put their commingled recycling bin out on Tuesday 30th September so a new sticker could be applied. Stickers gave a simple pictorial guide of what should be put in the brown bin. Engagement stalls were also held on Gorton Market and a Recycle Right guide was developed and delivered to each household in the targeted area. This simple guide explained what items went in each bin.

Trafford – Old Trafford

The campaign looked at engaging with local residents and groups to develop bespoke recycling campaign materials which have been developed by the community, for the community, and that are relevant to the waste and recycling issues present in the area. Project Officers attended ESOL classes at the St. Johns Centre and English conversation classes at Seymour Park Primary School. These were recognised as hubs within the community and a way of accessing the different cultures present in the area. Indian, Pakistani, Somalian, Afghani, Turkish and Polish residents regularly attend these courses to improve their English and to reinforce the bond with the community where they live.

The campaign was developed around the ‘Be Responsible’ theme. It asked residents to reflect on the importance of taking care and pride of the place where they live by recycling correctly, using recycling bins and avoiding fly tipping. These had been identified as the major issues in the area. The campaign was promoted through assemblies at Seymour Park Primary School, Afifah School and St. Alphonsus Primary School. The ‘eco warriors’ of Seymour Park Primary School also went for an educational visit at the Household Waste Recycling Centre in Greater Manchester. They are now our young Recycling Ambassadors!

A recycling information leaflet has been distributed door to door in the area. The leaflet contained translations in the two main languages spoken in the community and was designed with pictorial images. Three drop in sessions were held for residents. This gave residents  the chance to speak to recycling officers and Trafford Council representatives about any recycling issues and barriers, as well as receiving support and advice. Session included a free bin cleaning and residents were invited to bring along their empty recycling bins to get their household numbers sprayed onto them.

Bolton – Halliwell

Love Halliwell - Diverse communities recycling campaign

Love Halliwell – Diverse communities recycling campaign

The diverse communities campaign in Halliwell, Bolton looked to engage with Asian and Hungarian Roma residents. The campaign centred around the theme of ‘Love Halliwell’. It was designed to bring all the communities together. Pictorial leaflets were developed with emphasis on the commingled recycling waste stream and bulky waste items.

The campaign used Guajarati, Urdu and Hungarian translators to speak to residents on their door-step. We found that many of the properties in the area were privately rented (with absent landlords) and were lacking recycling facilities. An English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) workbook was designed to introduce non-English speaking residents to words around recycling so that any future campaign materials could be understood.

Rochdale – Spotland/Falinge/Cronkeyshaw and Whitworth Road

A series of drop in sessions were held over a two week period to allow residents to speak to Project Officers and Rochdale Council representatives about their recycling and waste problems. The drop in sessions were informal. Volunteers recruited from the community assisted with the sessions. They also helped distribute a recycling information leaflet to all properties which included three bin stickers allowing resident to label bins with their house and street number.