This campaign worked with residents to establish the best possible site for communal recycling facilities. We consulted with residents regarding the most suitable communication materials and what was the best way to promote the new facilities.

Campaign materials developed as part of this campaign are shown below:

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Rochdale letter

Rochdale letters with food waste

Rochdale letter no food

Rochdale letters without food waste

Rochdale Chute poster

Rochdale permanent poster without food

Rochdale chute poster with food

Rochdale permanent poster with food

stockport clifford Court             stockport hanover towers

Stockport Clifford Court leaflet            Stockport Hanover Towers leaflet

Stockport Heaton towers

Stockport Heaton Towers leaflets

Stockport Noris towers

Stockport Norris Towers leaflet

stockport pendulbury towers

Stockport Pendlebury Towers leaflet

Stockport comingled sticker

Stockport paper sticker

Stockport paper and card bin stickers

Stockport commingled bin stickers

tameside perm signage

Tameside A1 permanent signage

Tameside A4 bin stickers

tameside example letter and poster

Tameside example leaflet and letter

Salford A1 signage

Salford poster

Salford magnet

Salford example letter