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Celebrating Recycling Achievement

This campaign looked to celebrate recycling achievement by holding a resident-led family event. The recycling message was refocused and moved into the community, with the help of local community groups and volunteers in the target area who planned and organised the event.


Community recycling event Bury

Community recycling event Bury

The celebrating recycling achievement campaign allowed the recycling message to be delivered in a fun and innovative way using influential members of the community. All 4 community events achieved high levels of attendance which resulted in a positive change in behaviour. Some residents have even gone on to form their own environmental groups and continue to work hard to improve recycling and waste minimisation in their community.

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Recycling Rewards: Bury    Manchester    Oldham    Tameside


The Stockport community event campaign ran from August to October 2014 where a group of local members of the community were tasked with planning and running a community event themed around recycle and reuse.

During the campaign volunteers and campaign officers engaged with Offerton residents through a combination of door knocking, surveys and informal gatherings to identify what issues and barriers they were facing with recycling.

A recycling assembly was held at Dial Park Primary school. During the assembly we launched our fantastic ‘Design a recycling sticker competition’.10852_lapel stickers - Dial Park

The winner was Dylan age four who came up with the slogan “I’ve BIN recycling have you?” Recycling surveys were also sent out to parents to get their feedback on recycling.

The free recycling fun day took place on 24th October 2014, 11:30am-5 pm at Offerton Community Centre.

Activities included:

    • Cookery demonstration: participants learned how to cook sweet potatoes and bean burgers.
    • Recycling Bingo
    • Bin cleaning and bin spray painting
    • Craft Activities
    • Face painting
    • Balloon modelling
    • Fun Bus
    • Prizes and giveaways including t-shirts, stickers, children’s activity booklet, and re-usable shopping bags
    • Free lunch buffet which was provided for everyone.

At 7pm we joined the local youth club for a special recycling session with two workshops that helped the children understand the importance of reuse and recycle. Some activities included:

    • Clothes Upcycling: participants have been asked to bring along their old clothes to get them a new life.
    • Noisy Boxes: children created instruments out of batteries, mini speakers, fans, leads and acoustic objects that have been salvaged from old computers.

As part of the campaign we delivered  a recycling newsletter (to every household) specifically designed for Offerton. The newsletter incorporated insights developed through the engagement with residents  and contained information about what goes in what bin, a collection calendar, FAQs, facts and tips and general information on recycling, reuse and furniture donation.


The Trafford campaign has now finished in Partington. We worked with a team of volunteers to develop, organise and hold a community fun day around recycling.

On the 9th August 2014 the Recycling Fun Day was held in Cross Lane Park and was attended by over 150 residents from the local area. The activities on the day included food demonstrations using food typically found in food banks, a bike maintenance stall, beat the bin men game, bouncy castle, smoothie bike and other kids games.

A Partington Recycling newsletter was also delivered in the community. After consultation with residents the newsletter contained more in-depth information around recycling with facts, figures and tips as well as general recycling information. Bin stickers were also distributed to residents with information about what goes in each bin and a place for bin numbering.


Campaign Officers and volunteers were busy in Radcliffe, Bury, planning a community recycling event. A community committee, made up of residents, representatives from schools, community groups and local environmental organisations, meet every two weeks to organise activities.

Recycling Ambassadors were trained in recycling and carried out surveys in the local area to understand why people were not recycling. The feedback gained was used on event leaflets and children’s activity booklets.

The family green event took place on 23rd March 2014, 1pm to 4pm at Radcliffe Hall Primary School, Bury Street, M26 2GB with a treasure hunt in Close Park.

Activities included:Recycling Superhero meets junk modellers Milly Wiggins (left, 6) and Theo Wiggins (right, 4)  at the recycling event at Radcliffe Hall Primary School

      • Trash fashion show
      • Meet a superhero,
      • Game app challenge
      • Compost craft
      • Craft activities – Junk modelling, button bracelets, drink carton wallets and more
      • DJ
      • Face painting
      • Glitter tattooist
      • Treasure hunt in Close Park
      • Prizes and giveaways including t-shirts, stickers, children’s activity booklet, and re-usable shopping bags.
      • Cafe

There was a free bus which was available for residents in the local area.

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A group of volunteers from Langley came together to work with the local community and environmental groups to plan and run a fun community event.

Volunteer Recruitment posters were given to local business, community centres and schools. 2 focus groups were held to gather important feedback on recycling issues and what people would like to see at an event,

Overall, 14 Community Ambassador Volunteers were recruited and trained by GMWDA Campaign Officers.

The Family Fun Day took place at the Demesne Community centre on Saturday 29th of March 12pm-3pm, actives were family focused, fun and educational some of the suggestions that had beDemesne Community Centre GMWDA event.  Megan Lyle has her face painteden put forward from the event committee were used at the event, some of these were craft stalls, gardening stall, sports events, face painting and a cookery demonstration.

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