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20th December 2013 – Waterloo Road star awards prizes for recycling

The fourth of December 2013 saw Radcliffe school pupils  bursting with excitement as they prepared to receive prizes from the Up and Forward Project funded by the European Union  and  run by Recycle for Greater Manchester in partnership with Bury Council.

Over a period of eight weeks, local residents and pupils from Gorsefield and St Mary’s primaries in Radcliffe took part in  Up and Forward’s recycling rewards campaign  which aims to encourage and reward correct recycling.  Residents that recycled right were rewarded with golden tickets which they could donate to the school of their choice by taking them to a local collection point,

At the end of the eight weeks the tickets were collected in and as both schools collected a significant number of tickets a £1000 cash prize was allocated to each school.

A joint award ceremony was held at Gorsefield Primary and the event  was packed out with excited children preparing  to receive their prize in recognition of  everyone’s recycling efforts.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Bury were in attendance along with Radcliffe Ward Councillor, Tony Cummings and former Waterloo Road actor Will Ash.

Both schools collected a combined total of 4,423 golden tickets meaning that on average more than 550 residents per week recycled correctly throughout the period of the campaign.

Councillor Tony Isherwood, Cabinet Member for the Environment at Bury Council spoke of the work being done in the Radcliffe and said “It’s great to see children and adults alike getting excited about recycling.  This project is giving our communities a fantastic opportunity to come together, help the environment and support their local school.”

He added:

“I hope that everyone that has joined in will continue to recycle right, waste less and keep on doing their bit to improve recycling.  We need everyone to help us meet our target to recycle 50% or more – every household and every item really does count!”

Michelle Lynch, campaign Officer for Bury said  “The recycling rewards campaign in Bury has been a massive success, with the help of schools and the education being given on recycling from the teachers has made a big impact to what recycling is and how it helps the environment. The children from both schools have really made a difference to the community and with the help of the campaign I believe they will continue to improve in the near future.”

Will Ash, Waterloo Road actor also commented on the day said: “It’s a great project that is taking place around Greater Manchester and it’s fantastic to see the children getting interested in and becoming local champions for recycling.”

For information Up and Forward projects across Greater Manchester visit

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2nd December 2013 – Students get active for recycling

On the 29th November 2013, second year sports students from Bolton University were preparing themselves for a day filled with friendly competition as they competed against their fellow classmates. They had been given the task of inventing a game which would appeal to other students and teach them how to recycle. They had their sights on the cash prize and having the unique opportunity of their idea being put into action across Greater Manchester.
The competition is part of the European Union funded LIFE + Up and Forward Project being ran by Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA). The project has been formed to help target areas and communities that have low recycling levels. One of those communities in particular is the student community. As a way of tackling low recycling levels amongst young people GMWDA has teamed up with the University of Bolton to get students to help design a recycling game which will appeal to young people and approach the issues surrounding recycling in a new and creative way.

The students from Bolton University were given seven weeks to design an original game which could be used across Greater Manchester.
In total there were six teams who each had to present their ideas to three judges; Clare Standish, Dissemination officer for Up and Forward, Cllr Martin Donaghy, Labour Member for Bolton Council and Craig Renshaw from the University of Bolton.

Each team had 10 minutes to present and were given 5 minutes for questioning. The teams were judged on the originality of their idea, promotion of recycling themes, whether it was age appropriate, ease of transportation, storage and whether it could realistically be made.


Overall the judges were very impressed with the ideas and felt that the students had really researched and thought about what was asked of them. Judge for the day Labour member for Bolton Council spoke of the event,

“The competition between students was great to see and the different ideas which each team came up with really showed how much work they had put into the project. Each team did such a great job at integrating learning with an interactive game that judging was difficult…”

The competition between the entries was close but inevitably a decision had to be made on who the winning team would be, after much deliberation the judges finally awarded the prize to group one – Anthony Rollinson and Dean Chester. The winning design was named ‘Beat The Bin Men’. The game is broken down into 5 stages where the teams have to do a series of tasks to find inflatable objects which can be recycled. The stages consist of The Hangover Clean Up, Cut The Rope, Rat Run, Water Rise and Feel Boxes culminating in each team having to put the collected items into the correct recycling bin.

Anthony and Dean both won a £100 gift voucher for the Aspire website. Anthony discussed what he thought about the design competition, “Taking part in this project was a welcome break to the regular work we do, It let us take sport which is our passion and use it to create something that everybody can enjoy”

The game is set to be rolled out to students towards the end of March 2014.


Bolton uni recycling award comp

6th November 2013 Leftover Recipe Glory

The Jinnah Centre in Bury was a hive of activity on Wednesday 6th November 2013 as the centre hosted a re-think your waste event.  This was part of a recycling campaign running in the area which is being carried out by the Up and Forward team and Bury Council.
The recycling event began at 11.30am and consisted of a wide range of recycling themed activities throughout the day. Local residents were invited to take part in recycling games whereby their recycling knowledge was tested and they could get the chance to win a prize.
Students from Bury College carried out cooking demonstrations using common leftovers, and residents were invited to donate their own recipes via a recipe swap.
The finishing touch to the fun filled event was the distribution of a recipe booklet created by the community to encourage others to reduce their food waste and be creative with their leftovers.

There was a vast turnout of people with over 100 residents taking part; among them was The Worshipful the Mayor, Councillor Sharon Briggs and the Mayoress, Mrs Shirley Rabbitt, speaking about the event the Mayor said “It was very encouraging to see so many people turn up to the Re-think Waste Roadshow. The event has been a fun way to engage with the local community and help people to recycle more and reduce their waste going into landfill. It was great to see Bury College catering students at the centre. This event has given the students a good opportunity to get involved in the community activities. They were able to showcase their learning and develop new skills.”….

Overall the event was a huge sucess and it even recieved a feature in Radcliffe Times, see below for the full article.

The Up & Forward project will continue to work with the community until February 2014.

Jinnah Centre article

10th October 2013 The Golden Ticket Creates a Buzz!

The Life plus campaign for Recycling rewards in Bury has become a huge success; the campaign looks at rewarding residents who recycle correctly with a golden ticket. Like any golden ticket… a ticket means prizes. Residents then take the ticket to a local collection point, where once accumulated, the tickets help get prizes for local schools involved in the campaign. Many schools have participated and teachers are now educating pupils on the benefits of recycling and pupils are designing collection boxes to encourage residents to ‘donate’ their tickets to their school as appose to any other. That’s not the only success for the campaign it also received a feature in Bury Times Newspaper, discussing the success to date, see below for the article.

To find out more about the campaign click here…

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26th July 2013 Breaking the Fast for Recycling

Recycle for Manchester has been breaking the fast when it comes to recycling by encouraging residents to recycle more and to recycle better.

The Up and Forward project, funded by the European Union Life + funding stream, has been working with communities in Glodwick, Oldham and St Peter’s, Ashton to raise the profile of recycling during Ramadan.

Ramadan is traditionally known outside of the Islamic community as a period of fasting but it is also a time of contemplation and focus. The Recycle for Greater Manchester Up and Forward team have used this opportunity to make people aware of their impact on the environment.

Through working with religious leaders at local mosques in the areas, Campaign officers and Local council officers have hosted several Breaking the Fast events.

Breaking the Fast events are held during Ramadan in the evening and are a chance for the community to come together, ‘break the fast’ and enjoy traditional foods. At the Up and Forward hosted events,attendees were given specially commissioned recycling leaflets including relevant quotes from the Quran focussed on how to correctly recycle food waste. They were then also reminded by the religious leaders at the mosques about the need to care and cherish their environment.

The first event was held at Catherine’s Street Mosque in the area of St Peters in Ashton on Tuesday 23rd July.  The remaining events were held in the Glodwick area at the Oldham Central Islamic Centre on Wednesday evening (24th July) and the Fatima Women’s Centre on the Thursday evening (25th July). All together the events attracted over 900 people.

Following the success of the Breaking the Fast events, Recycle for Greater Manchester’s Up and Forward team will be continuing their working partnership with the same communities, to develop communications materials, which are relevant to them and will encourage residents to recycle more and better.

Mufti Hanan, Secretary of the Oldham Central Mosque & Islamic Centre said: “The breaking of the fast (iftar) event at the Oldham Central Mosque on 24th July was excellent with a great attendance. We are confident our message will have an impact on our local community. It was a pleasure to be part of the Life + Up & Forward Project.”

Councillor Neil Swannick, Chair of Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority said:  “The Breaking of the Fast’ events are part of the overall Up and Forward Faith Campaign which aims to increase recycling levels in communities by working closely with religious leaders and the community. We aim to learn from this new approach to help us move towards our target of zero waste.”

15th July 2013 A spotlight shines on recycling in Bolton

Recycle for Greater Manchester and Bolton Film students are Up and Forward when it comes to recycling.

Recycle for Greater Manchester’s ground breaking Up and Forward project, supporting hard to reach communities to recycle more and recycle better, has partnered with the University of Bolton and Bellyfeel, a production company to film a series of documentaries about helping communities recycle more in Greater Manchester.

This new filming contract will result in students getting exposure to a Europe-wide audience, as the Up and Forward project is supported by money from the European Union Life + programme. The documentary films will be available for viewing via the Recycle for Greater Manchester YouTube channel and linked to the European Union’s Life + Up and Forward website.

The first documentary will feature the Faith campaign in Oldham and will be available for viewing online by September 2013.

By partnering with the University of Bolton,  Up and Forward, Recycle for Greater Manchester are giving 2nd and 3rd year media writing and production students a fantastic opportunity to get hands on experience in the filming,

Editing, post and pre-production, up to 20 budding film makers be taking part. Students will be working on the filming project for roughly 3 months.

As part of University degree course students are required to have work based experience. Recycle for Greater Manchester is providing this opportunity to support them in learning new skills that will help them in their future careers.

Councillor Neil Swannick Chair of the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) commenting on the filming project said:  “We are delighted at the chance of giving young people an opportunity to raise the profile of recycling and waste issues in such an interesting and creative way, as well as supporting their career opportunities and helping to boost recycling rates in Bolton.”

He added “The Up and Forward project has enabled us to do things differently and to work with groups and communities that have been hard to reach in the past, working with young film makers to get our message across is another positive step for the project”

Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Rob Campbell, added: “This is an excellent project for our students to be involved with. It gives them hands-on, industry-level work experience as part of their degree, and research shows that is the best way to improve their employability on graduation. The fact that it is with such a high-calibre client on such an important project is testament to the skill level of our students. We thank Recycle for Greater Manchester‘s Up and Forward project and Bellyfeel for their time and involvement and look forward to working with them.”

If you want to find out more visit Films

5th June 2013 Volunteers needed to move Greater Manchester Up and Forward

Starting this week several communities in Greater Manchester will have the exciting opportunity to be a part of the Recycle for Greater Manchester’s ‘Up and Forward’ project funded by the European Funding stream Life +.

Project staff from Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) and Greater Manchester Councils will be working with residents to establish their barriers to recycling to help create innovative solutions. The Up and Forward project team are asking for local residents to become Recycling Ambassadors to ensure the community’s voice is heard.

Quote from Cllr Swannick ‘This is a great opportunity for the residents of Oldham to get involved in a recycling project which will be focused on them and their needs, the outcome of which can be shared across Greater Manchester and Europe’

Recruiting the ‘Recycling Ambassadors’ has started and we would like to find people who are interested in the environment and  want to make a difference to their community to get in touch.

Ambassadors will receive training and an information pack, as to assist them in the ambassador role. If you are interested in taking part, or would like to learn more then please visit:Recycling Ambassadors