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27th April 2015 – GMWDA Shortlisted for National Recycling Award

Recycle for Greater Manchester’s LIFE+ Up and Forward team have been shortlisted for ‘Team of the Year’ at the MRW National Recycling Awards.

The unique two year project co-financed 50/50 between the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority and the European Union has been working to encourage residents to waste less and recycle more in currently ‘hard to reach’ communities across Greater Manchester.

Over the past 20 months the LIFE+ Up and Forward team has demonstrated how focused engagement and innovative communication methods can help to increase recycling and waste prevention in low performing areas.

The project heavily driven by community engagement has undergone 42 campaigns, with the team engaging with over 64,000 people across nine councils of Greater Manchester. Relationships have been developed with over 120 partner organisations and its volunteer programme has recruited over 150 recycling ambassadors who now remain a key recycling contact within their community.

Using a bottom up approach, and targeted communications, the LIFE+ project team has delivered positive results in ‘hard to reach’ areas with participation up by as much as 76%. Committed recyclers have increased by 56%, and non-committed recyclers have decreased by 82%.

Rosie Barker, Business Development Support Officer, Oldham Council said “The team were a pleasure to work with and always consulted with us and kept us up to date on the progress of the projects. It was great to have additional resource purely dedicated to project activity in well-defined areas in order to keep the work concentrated and focussed. The fresh perspective on taking a different engagement approach in the areas targeted was very healthy.”

Sarah Mellor, LIFE+ Project Manager, said: “The Up and Forward team has shown the determination and expertise required to change behaviour in areas where recycling performance is low. The team worked out of hours and weekends, constantly on the ground, listening and talking to residents to fully understand barriers to recycling. By addressing these issues and encouraging the community to become involved in campaigns, especially through the recruitment of volunteer ambassadors, participation in recycling has increased. I am delighted to see their efforts recognised.”

The winners will be announced at the ceremony at London Hilton, Park Lane, on 1st July.

To find out more about the project please visit:

15th April 2015 – Greater Manchester showcases community recycling initiatives

Recycle for Greater Manchester’s LIFE+ Up and Forward project hosted its closing seminar on Tuesday 24th March 2015 at The Lowry, Salford Quays. The seminar showcased key findings from the project which has delivered 42 innovative recycling campaigns to encourage residents to waste less and recycle more in currently hard to reach communities.

The day saw over 90 people from across the UK attend the closing seminar for the project which has engaged with over 36,000 people across all the nine councils of Greater Manchester.

The Up and Forward team provided detailed and insightful presentations on project findings including results, achievements and key learning points across 4 themes:

• Faith and culture. Exploring innovative ways of communicating with communities where residents are, of a majority faith or culture, or an area with high diversity.

• Deprivation: Encouraging people to work together in their community through a recycling rewards incentive scheme, a community celebration event, and the provision of recycling information points in local businesses.

• Transient communities. Improving recycling and waste minimisation in private rental and student communities. Campaigns have included the effective use of social media and new media and the design of a ‘Beat the Bin Men’ Total Wipeout /I’m a Celebrity style assault course.

• Apartments. Overcoming problems associated with recycling in apartments and introducing improved recycling systems.

Since the launch of the project in 2013, its innovative approach to engagement and communication methods has led to positive changes in residents’ behaviour and attitudes towards recycling. Campaigns delivered under the deprivation theme have shown and an increase in participation in paper and cardboard recycling by 56%, mixed recycling by 41%, and food and garden waste recycling by 61%. Results have also shown an increase in the number of tonnages collected across all three recycling waste streams, and a decrease in residual waste collected of 19.4 tonnes.

The project as a whole has seen an increase of 58% in the number of super-committed recyclers
Sarah Mellor, Project Manager of GMWDA LIFE+ project said: “The seminar was a great opportunity for local authorities and organisations involved in the industry to look at new ways of communicating and engaging in hard to reach communities to increase waste prevention and recycling. The dissemination of the project is ongoing and we will be sharing the project’s successes and key lessons learnt with as many people and organisations as possible throughout the UK and Europe.”

Delegate Phillipa Royner, Derbyshire County Council said “I have come to find out about the campaigns the LIFE+ project has run across Greater Manchester, to see if they have worked and the lessons we can learn from their experiences so we can take that and apply it to our areas because we are hoping to run similar campaigns but on a smaller scale. So to come today and see what didn’t work has been extremely beneficial.”

Surveys conducted after the event has shown 97% of delegates said the conference was beneficial to them and 93% said they received the information they expected.

To find out more about the project please visit:

11th February 2015 – Children learn to recycle with Bin Bunny game

A new web game ‘Bin Bunny’ has been launched by Recycle for Greater Manchester’s European funded Life+ Up and Forward project in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University.

Originally designed for students as a recycling app, the web version has been developed to provide a fun way for children to learn about recycling by challenging players to sort through rubbish as quickly as possible.

Madeeha Murtaza, Project Support Officer, Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority said: “Bin Bunny offers schools a free, easy, fun and educational way to inspire and inform pupils about recycling. We have seen throughout the Life+ behavioural change campaigns how enthusiastic children are about putting the right stuff in the right bin.”

The game was designed by computer experts at Manchester Metropolitan University using high-tech apparatus inside MMU’s computer research labs, which are equipped with special glasses to track users’ eye movements across a screen.

Dr Darren Dancey, Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology said: “It’s simple to play and features different levels where the recycling needs to be sorted, becoming increasingly difficult with bonus levels. It’s a great way to educate children about the importance of recycling.”

Councillor Catherine Piddington, Chair of the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority added: “Educating children is an effective way to change recycling behaviour in the long-term. This web game engages children of primary and high school age, teaching them about recycling in a new and refreshing way. We are looking for schools throughout Greater Manchester to take up the challenge and encourage children to think about recycling and where their waste goes.”

‘Bin Bunny’ is available to play online at . The phone and tablet-based student app ‘Getting Wasted’ is available on the iOS and Android systems. A web version is available at .

News Release_Children learn to recycle with Bin Bunny game


L-R Mia Lynch (age 10) and Ben Lynch age (7) from Bury playing the game.

7th October 2014 – Greater Manchester leads Europe in community recycling

Recycle for Greater Manchester’s LIFE+ Up and Forward project hosted its very first seminar on Wednesday 3rd September at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester. The seminar attracted environmental and recycling professionals from across the UK.

The Up & Forward project looks at ways of encouraging residents to waste less and recycle more in currently hard to reach communities. The aim is to carry out projects that will demonstrate how improved communication and engagement can increase waste prevention and recycling in low performing urban areas.

The project has been running since June 2013. To date the project has engaged with communities on 24 different projects in nine districts and have engaged with over 36,000 people across all the nine councils of Greater Manchester.

The seminar was an opportunity to showcase the innovative project and to share best practice with local authorities and organisations.

The seminar included a range of workshops, which included:

• Creating volunteer opportunities; discussed how to set up a volunteering scheme, what are the pros and cons of having volunteers and examples of how we had used volunteers.

• Incorporating faith and culture in communications explored innovative ways of communicating with communities where residents were of a majority faith or culture or an area with high diversity. The workshop identified methods on how to engage with areas in a culturally sensitive way, how to incorporate appropriate cultural messages and the importance of buy-in from culture and faith leaders.

• Empowering communities; identifies how LIFE+ Up and Forward have encouraged people to work together to improve recycling and waste minimisation in their community. Campaigns have included a recycling rewards incentive scheme and a community celebration event.

• Working with the private rental sector and incorporating partners; discussed in detail the importance of engaging with the private rental sector and working in partnership with local schools, colleges and universities, community groups and local authorities across all campaigns to maximise the success of all projects.

• Apartments; outlined the problems associated with recycling in apartments around Greater Manchester and how campaigns have worked towards solving these and introducing improved recycling systems.

• Incorporating new media; showcasing the types of new media used across all campaigns including social media, online website, and videos as well as discussing the innovative student campaigns which were developed.

Vice Chair of the Authority Councillor Nigel Murphy who opened the seminar said: ‘The seminar was a great success attracting people from across the UK and Ireland. There has been a real enthusiasm to learn about what has been achieved in Greater Manchester and deliver this to other parts of the UK.’

Thomas Williams, Waste Minimisation – Commercial and Domestic Recycling Team Supervisor from Swansea Council said: ‘All the workshops covered relevant issues and discussed similar challenges faced in our authority.”

The Up and Forward project is continuing to carry out its final campaigns which will be completed in November 2014. The project will be hosting another seminar at the end in March 2015 which will discuss the achievements and learnings of each of the campaigns.

If you are interested in attending the seminar please forward your interest to Madeeha Murtaza at

To find out more about the project please visit:

1st July 2014 – Just the golden ticket for schools

Recycle for Greater Manchester’s Up and Forward project is giving residents in Newton Heath the chance to earn rewards for local schools.

Golden tickets are being given to residents who put their recycling bins (Blue, Green, and Brown) out on the right collection day with the right recycling inside.

Residents can then take their tickets to one of a number of collection points in the community and they will be used in exchange for environmentally- friendly prizes for All Saints CE Primary School, Christ The King RC Primary, Briscoe Lane Academy and St Wilfrid’s CE Primary.

Resident can drop off their golden tickets until Monday 7th July 2014.

Funded through Life+ Europe, the project is working closely with Manchester City Council, four local primary schools, Northwards Housing and Yes Manchester, to improve recycling rates in Newton Heath.

Life+ Senior Campaign Officer, Michelle Lynch said: “We hope the Golden Tickets will help to raise awareness and encourage residents to recycle more to benefit their local community. It will also contribute towards Greater Manchester’s target to achieve a recycling rate of 50% by 2015/16.”

Councillor Bernard Priest Chappell, Manchester City Council’s deputy leader said: “This scheme will provide parents, as well as other members of the Newton Heath community, with the opportunity to support their local schools while getting to understand just how easy it is to recycle. It will focus attention on recycling all the correct items, which will save money and keep waste out of landfill, and it will also give households the opportunity to support their local school. I hope residents will really get behind this campaign and support their local community.”

The local collection points for tickets are: All Saints CE Primary School, Christ The King RC Primary, Briscoe Lane Academy, St Wilfrid’s CE Primary, Asda Newton Heath, Newton Heath Library, and Surestart Children’s Centre on Great Newton Street. For more information about the scheme go to:

The campaign is also looking to recruit local volunteers who will become recycling ambassadors and talk to the community about recycling. Residents who would like to get involved can contact the Senior Campaign Officer, Michelle Lynch, on 0161 770 1764.

(L-R) Pupils from Christ The King RC High School: Harris Burrows, Gino McAra, Lila Connolly, Rhea Ferguson, Michela Monticello, Katie Platt and Tilly Phillips

(L-R) Pupils from Christ The King RC High School: Harris Burrows, Gino McAra, Lila Connolly, Rhea Ferguson, Michela Monticello, Katie Platt and Tilly Phillips

26th June 2014 – Look out for your Golden Ticket in Hattersley

Recycle for Greater Manchester’s Up and Forward project is setting a challenge for the residents of Hattersley, to recycle correctly and help to reward their two local primary schools – Pinfold Primary and St James’ Catholic Primary.

Residents living in the area are to be given a golden ticket every time they put their recycling bins out for collection with the correct items inside. Tickets will be tied to the bins and can be exchanged for rewards for the schools.
The competition will see Pinfold Primary and St James’ Catholic Primary going head to head to see who can collect the most tickets. Prize money will be rewarded to the two schools proportionally depending on how many tickets they collect.

Ticketing will begin on Tuesday 24th June and will last for four weeks ending on Tuesday 15th July. Simply take your golden ticket and place in it special collection boxes in the schools or at local collection points in the area – including Hattersley Post Office, One Stop, The Hub and Tesco Extra.

The Up and Forward campaign, funded by European Union LIFE+, is working closely with Tameside Council to improve recycling rates across the borough. Up and Forward Officers and Council Officers will be attending events and focus groups in the area to promote the campaign, encouraging people to recycle more and waste less.

If you would like to help out with this exciting project, the Up and Forward team is also looking for volunteers. Anyone who wants to get involved should call 0161 770 1712 or visit

From left to right: Jake Janes (Pinfold Primary School), Corey White, 7, and Toby Hayes, 10, (St James Catholic Primary School) recycling at St James school with head teacher Jackie Walker



Alt Primary School and St Hugh’s C of E Primary School in Oldham have had fruit trees planted on school grounds as a thank you for taking part in a recycling campaign.

Both schools participated in the Recycle for Greater Manchester European Union LIFE+ funded project, Up and Forward, where residents living in Alt and Holts were rewarded with a golden ticket every time they put their recycling bins out for collection with the correct items inside. The schools then had to compete to see who could collect the most tickets.

As part of the Oldham Council backed campaign, the Up and Forward team has been working with Carbon Creative, a design and print company to create all the communication materials. Carbon Creative run a carbon offset scheme which means everything produced by the Up and Forward project is offset by tree planting.

Kate Hadfield, Carbon Creative Studio Director explains: “In 2006 we started planting trees rather than paying an offsetting company to plant trees in exotic locations. Where possible we will always support planting trees directly with our clients so they can choose locations for the trees. We are really thrilled that 2 Oldham schools involved in the Up and Forward project are taking part and planting a selection of our fruit trees with Recycle for Greater Manchester. To date we are proud to say we have planted over 5,000 lovely trees dedicated to our clients.”
Pupils from the schools were assisted with the tree planting by the Up and Forward team, Oldham Council staff and local councillors.

Councillor Jenny Harrison supported the recycling campaign: “The gift of fruit trees is a great prize for the schools. Not only does it recognise their tremendous efforts in the recycling challenge but it supports their learning about how plants grow, where our food comes from and about eating a healthy diet.”

Councillor Zahid Chauhan also took part in the tree planting: “It is important to recognise that children represent our future and educating them on the environment is critical. I am thankful for the Up and Forward team’s extensive work.”


On Wednesday the 26th March 12-4pm at Orland Village Halls of Residence, University of Bolton students will be getting ready ‘Beat the Bin Men’ in a Total Wipeout /I’m a Celebrity style assault course which has been designed by students.  A team of students will be going head to head against a team of Bolton Council’s finest bin men to see who can collect and recycle the most.  Teams will be battling for first place, racing against the clock, on a 5 stage assault course wading through smelly socks, rat runs, rubbish bags and slime. Students can compete throughout the day where the team with the fastest time will win a mystery prize.

The event has been organised by Recycle for Greater Manchester’s, LIFE + funded Up and Forward project. The project aims to improve recycling levels in Bolton.

Aside from the main ‘Beat the Bin Men’ challenge, the day will be jam-packed with a range of games and activities, including a Bungee Recycling Run as well as freebies and refreshments. The event will have VIP guest including our very own Recycling Superhero.

Fern Lynch, Campaign Officer said: “Students make a massive contribution to life in Bolton and this kind of event is an excellent opportunity of getting the student community involved in the local area as well as raising awareness of how important recycling is in an interactive and fun way.”

For more Information on the Event visit our website:

For all updates on our recycling game sign up to our Facebook page

17th March 2014 – Manchester students recycle more with #RubbishSelfie competition

There is a buzz in Manchester’s student community as RubbishSelfie a social media recycling campaign aimed at students which is being led by Recycle for Greater Manchester’s Up and Forward team is going down a storm.

The European Union LIFE+ funded project, Up and Forward is running a student recycling campaign known as Rubbish Selfie, which is targeting students living in Fallowfield, Rusholme and Longsight where recycling levels are low. The campaign focuses on 1500 properties across these areas consisting of houses with 3-6 bedrooms. Rubbish Selfie is set to run in two phases: first phase 21/02/2014 – 04/04/2014, with the second phase due to take place Oct/Nov 2014. There will also be a student clear out with British Heart Foundation in June.

The campaign sees between four and seven different sets of communal recycling bins being tagged with a ‘Golden Ticket’ each week. Once students find the ticketed bins, they can enter the competition by taking a ‘selfie’ whilst recycling and uploading it to the Up and Forward Facebook page.

A winner will be chosen each week and will be awarded a household prize to share. Prizes range from meals at 23rd Street Pizza, Revolution Bar and Weatherspoon’s to vouchers and hampers from Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. All prizes have been donated by local businesses. Additional support has been given from Manchester City Council who have attended events, helped with volunteers and donated sports tickets as prizes.

Student volunteers from The University of Manchester have been getting involved helping to organise and run a number of recycling events and activities to educate other students about recycling. They have also been helping to leaflet and door knock the areas twice a week.
Abigail Reed the Campaign Officer says “Student areas have been identified as hard to reach in terms of recycling, so we have designed this campaign to make it student-friendly. As well as the chance of winning prizes, participants are also learning about recycling and promoting it to their friends via social media. ”

The most recent winner of the Rubbish Selfie campaign Hannah Brown said “Social media is a really good way to engage with students, giving people the chance to win prizes is a great incentive and will encourage recycling amongst students in the area. I recycle anyway but winning this competition prize makes me want to recycle even more”

To learn more about the campaign please visit:

Sign up to our Facebook page for exciting updates on our project at:


17th January 2014 – Community volunteers needed to help move Radcliffe Up and Forward

Recycle for Greater Manchester’s ‘Up and Forward’ project funded by the European Funding stream Life + is looking for volunteers to help plan and run a fun, family event in Radcliffe. The event which is scheduled to take place in March 2014 will be focused on helping local people to recycle more and waste less.

To ensure the community’s voice is heard, the Up and Forward project team from Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) and Recycling Officers at Bury Council are asking for local residents to become Recycling Ambassadors.

Campaign Officer, Michelle Lynch, said: “This is a great opportunity for the residents of Radcliffe to get involved in a fun event to promote recycling, focused on the needs of the community. You don’t need to be an expert all we ask is that you are enthusiastic about making a difference to your community.”

Recruitment of ‘Recycling Ambassadors’ has already started and anyone who is interested in helping out is invited to attend a community meeting on Tuesday 28th January, 7.00pm to 8.00pm at Dumers Lane Community Centre and Library, Dumers Lane, Radcliffe, M26 2GN.
Alternatively please call Michelle on 0161 770 1764 or email

Volunteers will receive full training and an information pack, to assist them in the ambassador role.