The Business and Community recycling campaign aimed to harness the strong links communities have with local services. To improve the awareness of recycling we worked with local shops and community centres. These organisations were encouraged to become focal points for recycling. Employees were trained in recycling, and shops were provided with point of sale materials and recycling guides.

Campaign materials produced for the business and community recycling campaign are shown below.

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Oldham bag tag                                Oldham Business poster

Oldham bin tags                                                             Oldham business poster


Oldham recycling leaflet                                   Oldham recycling news

Oldham recycling and waste                                            Oldham recycling news


Oldham bin sticker template                              Bolton bag for life


Oldham bin sticker template                                              Bolton bag for life leaflet


Stockport plastic bag token                            Stockport thank you cards


Stockport bag for life leaflet                                              Stockport thank you card


Stockport reminder cards

Stockport reminder cards

Stockport recycling leaflet

Stockport Recycling Leaflet

tameside foodleaflet









Tameside recycling guide

Tameside bag4life poster

Tameside A5 bag for life leaflet and token

tameside A5 poster and token









Tameside A4 bag for life business poster