Bags and Caddies

The Bags and Caddies campaign worked to increase the use of communal recycling facilities in apartments. The campaign provided residents with recycling bags and caddies to help them store their recyclable items inside their apartments. This also made it easier for residents to carry the separated items down to the bins. Resident views were also gained to produce suitable and effective communications materials, these are shown below.

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manchester all                                   manchester brown and blue


Manchester recycling poster                                           Manchester brown and blue recycling


manchester perm signage                                   manchester no plastic bags


Manchester A1 permanent signs x3                                   Manchester no plastic bag poster


Stockport brown blue green                                      stockport brown and blue

Stockport – comingled & green waste leaflet                         Stockport – comingled 


stockport example letter                                         Stockport A6 card

Stockport example letter                                                           Stockport A6 bags & caddy card


Bolton magnet                                      bolton a3 food

Bolton fridge magnet                                                              Bolton A3 food perm signage


bolton example letter               bolton paper and mixed

Bolton example letter                                     Bolton A1 comingled poster

Salford A1 signage                                         Salford example letter

Salford Magnet                                                Salford A4 poster