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Alt Primary School and St Hugh’s C of E Primary School in Oldham have had fruit trees planted on school grounds as a thank you for taking part in a recycling campaign.

Both schools participated in the Recycle for Greater Manchester European Union LIFE+ funded project, Up and Forward, where residents living in Alt and Holts were rewarded with a golden ticket every time they put their recycling bins out for collection with the correct items inside. The schools then had to compete to see who could collect the most tickets.

As part of the Oldham Council backed campaign, the Up and Forward team has been working with Carbon Creative, a design and print company to create all the communication materials. Carbon Creative run a carbon offset scheme which means everything produced by the Up and Forward project is offset by tree planting.

Kate Hadfield, Carbon Creative Studio Director explains: “In 2006 we started planting trees rather than paying an offsetting company to plant trees in exotic locations. Where possible we will always support planting trees directly with our clients so they can choose locations for the trees. We are really thrilled that 2 Oldham schools involved in the Up and Forward project are taking part and planting a selection of our fruit trees with Recycle for Greater Manchester. To date we are proud to say we have planted over 5,000 lovely trees dedicated to our clients.”
Pupils from the schools were assisted with the tree planting by the Up and Forward team, Oldham Council staff and local councillors.

Councillor Jenny Harrison supported the recycling campaign: “The gift of fruit trees is a great prize for the schools. Not only does it recognise their tremendous efforts in the recycling challenge but it supports their learning about how plants grow, where our food comes from and about eating a healthy diet.”

Councillor Zahid Chauhan also took part in the tree planting: “It is important to recognise that children represent our future and educating them on the environment is critical. I am thankful for the Up and Forward team’s extensive work.”


On Wednesday the 26th March 12-4pm at Orland Village Halls of Residence, University of Bolton students will be getting ready ‘Beat the Bin Men’ in a Total Wipeout /I’m a Celebrity style assault course which has been designed by students.  A team of students will be going head to head against a team of Bolton Council’s finest bin men to see who can collect and recycle the most.  Teams will be battling for first place, racing against the clock, on a 5 stage assault course wading through smelly socks, rat runs, rubbish bags and slime. Students can compete throughout the day where the team with the fastest time will win a mystery prize.

The event has been organised by Recycle for Greater Manchester’s, LIFE + funded Up and Forward project. The project aims to improve recycling levels in Bolton.

Aside from the main ‘Beat the Bin Men’ challenge, the day will be jam-packed with a range of games and activities, including a Bungee Recycling Run as well as freebies and refreshments. The event will have VIP guest including our very own Recycling Superhero.

Fern Lynch, Campaign Officer said: “Students make a massive contribution to life in Bolton and this kind of event is an excellent opportunity of getting the student community involved in the local area as well as raising awareness of how important recycling is in an interactive and fun way.”

For more Information on the Event visit our website:

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17th March 2014 – Manchester students recycle more with #RubbishSelfie competition

There is a buzz in Manchester’s student community as RubbishSelfie a social media recycling campaign aimed at students which is being led by Recycle for Greater Manchester’s Up and Forward team is going down a storm.

The European Union LIFE+ funded project, Up and Forward is running a student recycling campaign known as Rubbish Selfie, which is targeting students living in Fallowfield, Rusholme and Longsight where recycling levels are low. The campaign focuses on 1500 properties across these areas consisting of houses with 3-6 bedrooms. Rubbish Selfie is set to run in two phases: first phase 21/02/2014 – 04/04/2014, with the second phase due to take place Oct/Nov 2014. There will also be a student clear out with British Heart Foundation in June.

The campaign sees between four and seven different sets of communal recycling bins being tagged with a ‘Golden Ticket’ each week. Once students find the ticketed bins, they can enter the competition by taking a ‘selfie’ whilst recycling and uploading it to the Up and Forward Facebook page.

A winner will be chosen each week and will be awarded a household prize to share. Prizes range from meals at 23rd Street Pizza, Revolution Bar and Weatherspoon’s to vouchers and hampers from Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. All prizes have been donated by local businesses. Additional support has been given from Manchester City Council who have attended events, helped with volunteers and donated sports tickets as prizes.

Student volunteers from The University of Manchester have been getting involved helping to organise and run a number of recycling events and activities to educate other students about recycling. They have also been helping to leaflet and door knock the areas twice a week.
Abigail Reed the Campaign Officer says “Student areas have been identified as hard to reach in terms of recycling, so we have designed this campaign to make it student-friendly. As well as the chance of winning prizes, participants are also learning about recycling and promoting it to their friends via social media. ”

The most recent winner of the Rubbish Selfie campaign Hannah Brown said “Social media is a really good way to engage with students, giving people the chance to win prizes is a great incentive and will encourage recycling amongst students in the area. I recycle anyway but winning this competition prize makes me want to recycle even more”

To learn more about the campaign please visit:

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17th January 2014 – Community volunteers needed to help move Radcliffe Up and Forward

Recycle for Greater Manchester’s ‘Up and Forward’ project funded by the European Funding stream Life + is looking for volunteers to help plan and run a fun, family event in Radcliffe. The event which is scheduled to take place in March 2014 will be focused on helping local people to recycle more and waste less.

To ensure the community’s voice is heard, the Up and Forward project team from Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) and Recycling Officers at Bury Council are asking for local residents to become Recycling Ambassadors.

Campaign Officer, Michelle Lynch, said: “This is a great opportunity for the residents of Radcliffe to get involved in a fun event to promote recycling, focused on the needs of the community. You don’t need to be an expert all we ask is that you are enthusiastic about making a difference to your community.”

Recruitment of ‘Recycling Ambassadors’ has already started and anyone who is interested in helping out is invited to attend a community meeting on Tuesday 28th January, 7.00pm to 8.00pm at Dumers Lane Community Centre and Library, Dumers Lane, Radcliffe, M26 2GN.
Alternatively please call Michelle on 0161 770 1764 or email

Volunteers will receive full training and an information pack, to assist them in the ambassador role.

20th December 2013 – Waterloo Road star awards prizes for recycling

The fourth of December 2013 saw Radcliffe school pupils  bursting with excitement as they prepared to receive prizes from the Up and Forward Project funded by the European Union  and  run by Recycle for Greater Manchester in partnership with Bury Council.

Over a period of eight weeks, local residents and pupils from Gorsefield and St Mary’s primaries in Radcliffe took part in  Up and Forward’s recycling rewards campaign  which aims to encourage and reward correct recycling.  Residents that recycled right were rewarded with golden tickets which they could donate to the school of their choice by taking them to a local collection point,

At the end of the eight weeks the tickets were collected in and as both schools collected a significant number of tickets a £1000 cash prize was allocated to each school.

A joint award ceremony was held at Gorsefield Primary and the event  was packed out with excited children preparing  to receive their prize in recognition of  everyone’s recycling efforts.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Bury were in attendance along with Radcliffe Ward Councillor, Tony Cummings and former Waterloo Road actor Will Ash.

Both schools collected a combined total of 4,423 golden tickets meaning that on average more than 550 residents per week recycled correctly throughout the period of the campaign.

Councillor Tony Isherwood, Cabinet Member for the Environment at Bury Council spoke of the work being done in the Radcliffe and said “It’s great to see children and adults alike getting excited about recycling.  This project is giving our communities a fantastic opportunity to come together, help the environment and support their local school.”

He added:

“I hope that everyone that has joined in will continue to recycle right, waste less and keep on doing their bit to improve recycling.  We need everyone to help us meet our target to recycle 50% or more – every household and every item really does count!”

Michelle Lynch, campaign Officer for Bury said  “The recycling rewards campaign in Bury has been a massive success, with the help of schools and the education being given on recycling from the teachers has made a big impact to what recycling is and how it helps the environment. The children from both schools have really made a difference to the community and with the help of the campaign I believe they will continue to improve in the near future.”

Will Ash, Waterloo Road actor also commented on the day said: “It’s a great project that is taking place around Greater Manchester and it’s fantastic to see the children getting interested in and becoming local champions for recycling.”

For information Up and Forward projects across Greater Manchester visit

B1 - Bury Article




2nd December 2013 – Students get active for recycling

On the 29th November 2013, second year sports students from Bolton University were preparing themselves for a day filled with friendly competition as they competed against their fellow classmates. They had been given the task of inventing a game which would appeal to other students and teach them how to recycle. They had their sights on the cash prize and having the unique opportunity of their idea being put into action across Greater Manchester.
The competition is part of the European Union funded LIFE + Up and Forward Project being ran by Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA). The project has been formed to help target areas and communities that have low recycling levels. One of those communities in particular is the student community. As a way of tackling low recycling levels amongst young people GMWDA has teamed up with the University of Bolton to get students to help design a recycling game which will appeal to young people and approach the issues surrounding recycling in a new and creative way.

The students from Bolton University were given seven weeks to design an original game which could be used across Greater Manchester.
In total there were six teams who each had to present their ideas to three judges; Clare Standish, Dissemination officer for Up and Forward, Cllr Martin Donaghy, Labour Member for Bolton Council and Craig Renshaw from the University of Bolton.

Each team had 10 minutes to present and were given 5 minutes for questioning. The teams were judged on the originality of their idea, promotion of recycling themes, whether it was age appropriate, ease of transportation, storage and whether it could realistically be made.


Overall the judges were very impressed with the ideas and felt that the students had really researched and thought about what was asked of them. Judge for the day Labour member for Bolton Council spoke of the event,

“The competition between students was great to see and the different ideas which each team came up with really showed how much work they had put into the project. Each team did such a great job at integrating learning with an interactive game that judging was difficult…”

The competition between the entries was close but inevitably a decision had to be made on who the winning team would be, after much deliberation the judges finally awarded the prize to group one – Anthony Rollinson and Dean Chester. The winning design was named ‘Beat The Bin Men’. The game is broken down into 5 stages where the teams have to do a series of tasks to find inflatable objects which can be recycled. The stages consist of The Hangover Clean Up, Cut The Rope, Rat Run, Water Rise and Feel Boxes culminating in each team having to put the collected items into the correct recycling bin.

Anthony and Dean both won a £100 gift voucher for the Aspire website. Anthony discussed what he thought about the design competition, “Taking part in this project was a welcome break to the regular work we do, It let us take sport which is our passion and use it to create something that everybody can enjoy”

The game is set to be rolled out to students towards the end of March 2014.


Bolton uni recycling award comp

6th November 2013 Leftover Recipe Glory

The Jinnah Centre in Bury was a hive of activity on Wednesday 6th November 2013 as the centre hosted a re-think your waste event.  This was part of a recycling campaign running in the area which is being carried out by the Up and Forward team and Bury Council.
The recycling event began at 11.30am and consisted of a wide range of recycling themed activities throughout the day. Local residents were invited to take part in recycling games whereby their recycling knowledge was tested and they could get the chance to win a prize.
Students from Bury College carried out cooking demonstrations using common leftovers, and residents were invited to donate their own recipes via a recipe swap.
The finishing touch to the fun filled event was the distribution of a recipe booklet created by the community to encourage others to reduce their food waste and be creative with their leftovers.

There was a vast turnout of people with over 100 residents taking part; among them was The Worshipful the Mayor, Councillor Sharon Briggs and the Mayoress, Mrs Shirley Rabbitt, speaking about the event the Mayor said “It was very encouraging to see so many people turn up to the Re-think Waste Roadshow. The event has been a fun way to engage with the local community and help people to recycle more and reduce their waste going into landfill. It was great to see Bury College catering students at the centre. This event has given the students a good opportunity to get involved in the community activities. They were able to showcase their learning and develop new skills.”….

Overall the event was a huge sucess and it even recieved a feature in Radcliffe Times, see below for the full article.

The Up & Forward project will continue to work with the community until February 2014.

Jinnah Centre article

10th October 2013 The Golden Ticket Creates a Buzz!

The Life plus campaign for Recycling rewards in Bury has become a huge success; the campaign looks at rewarding residents who recycle correctly with a golden ticket. Like any golden ticket… a ticket means prizes. Residents then take the ticket to a local collection point, where once accumulated, the tickets help get prizes for local schools involved in the campaign. Many schools have participated and teachers are now educating pupils on the benefits of recycling and pupils are designing collection boxes to encourage residents to ‘donate’ their tickets to their school as appose to any other. That’s not the only success for the campaign it also received a feature in Bury Times Newspaper, discussing the success to date, see below for the article.

To find out more about the campaign click here…

 article Bury_j


3rd October 2013 Radcliffe has the Golden Ticket

Residents of Radcliffe will soon be seeing Golden tickets attached to their recycling bins if they recycle right. This is accosiated with a partnership with Bury Council to give residents a chance to help local schools in their area.

From Wednesday 9th October to 22nd November residents who live in the area of Radcliffe will be rewarded with a Golden ticket every time they put their recycling bins (Blue, Green, and Brown) out on the right collection day with the right things inside.

Residents are then being asked to take their tickets to one of the many local collection points in the community to go towards helping their local schools. All the tickets received will go towards purchasing recycling prizes for the local Primary schools, St Mary’s RC Primary and Gorsefield Primary.

The local collection points are:Golden ticket Bury's Golden Ticket Leaflet

St Mary’s RC Primary
Gorsefield Primary
ASDA Radcliffe
Radcliffe Library
Radcliffe Pool and Fitness Centre
Tesco Express (Water Street)

Residents in the catchment area will be getting a leaflet through the door this week explaining the scheme and Recycling Ambassadors made up of volunteers from the local area will be speaking with the community, offering advice on how to recycle right. If you would like to find out if you live in the catchment area please visit

Recycling Assemblies have been held at each school to promote the campaign and pupils have been busy making collection boxes made from recyclable materials. Pupils are also set to receive a visit from one of Bury Council recycling vehicles in the next few weeks.

This scheme is part of a wider project in the area called ‘Up and Forward’ which has been working with local people to encourage their neighbours to recycle more and recycle right. The Up and Forward project has been funded by the European Funding stream Life +. The scheme is a joint project between Recycle for Greater Manchester and Bury Council’s recycling team.

Councillor Neil Swannick, Chair of Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority said

“We hope the Golden Tickets will help to raise awareness and encourage residents to recycle more to benefit their local community. It will also contribute towards Greater Manchester’s target to achieve a recycling rate of 50% or more by April 2013.”

Councillor Tony Isherwood, cabinet member for environment, said:

“As a Radcliffe councillor, I am particularly keen to promote recycling in my area, and this is a great scheme for the communities involved. It will focus attention on recycling all the correct items, which will save money and keep waste out of landfill, and it will also give households the opportunity to support their local school.

“I hope all residents who live near St Mary’s and Gorsefield primaries really get behind this campaign and do their bit for their local community. And, because every item really does count, we might even see a rise in our recycling rate – it’s gone up from 28% to 46% in the last two years, but we need to keep going and, at the very least, hit 50% as soon as we can. ” 


A training day has been held at Ikea, Tameside to educate local Housing Association Officers on the importance of recycling in their area.

Housing officers from Ashton Pioneer Homes, Aksa, and Regenda in the St Peter’s West End area of Ashton, along with Tameside Council Recycling and Enforcement Team, met to receive training on recycling and waste minimisation from Recycle for Greater Manchester’s Life+ Team.

The aim of the day was to give housing officers the tools and knowledge to engage with their residents to ensure the correct items are being recycled, to help reduce contaminated waste and reduce the amount of waste produced. The officers were also given the tools to answer difficult questions such as, ‘where does our waste go?’, ‘how waste relates to climate change issues?’, and ‘why it is important for residents to get involved?’. This ensures that a consistent and constant message is being given across the area.

Following the training, the group were given a tour of Ikea and were informed of the initiatives the store has managed to recycle  90% of their waste and how innovative design has led to less packaging, less waste and less raw resources used in manufacturing.

Rachel Holmes, Sustainability Specialist at Ikea said: “At IKEA, sustainability is a natural part of our everyday work. In store, we believe that waste is a resource; we currently recycle 90% of our waste and we’re hoping to increase this over the next year. I’m always thrilled to have the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise to help people in our community to live a more sustainable life at home, as well as helping them save money and time by using less energy, water and waste. It was great to have the Up and Forward team and the group in store, and I think everyone took something away from the day as well as having a bit of fun!”

In the afternoon, officers were given the opportunity to use these new skills to engage with their residents face-to-face by giving out specially designed permanent notices, giving information about recycling facilities in their area and listening to resident queries.

Vicki Davies, Ashton Pioneer Homes Housing Officer said: “We found today to be really informative and will be a huge benefit to our residents. It was great to meet other local Housing Officers and know that we are giving out the correct recycling information and have the knowledge to help out our residents. I believe this partnership will lead to a successful project.”

Recycling team for the Greater Manchester Waste Displosal Author

(Left to right): Abigail Reed – Life+ Outreach worker, Clare Fallon – Life + Campaign Officer, Mike Robinson – Tameside Council, Rachel Holmes – IKEA, Sharon Campbell – Tameside Council, Louise Ashton – Tameside Council, Amanda Lennox – Regenda, Tanuja Patel – Aksa, Helen Marks – Regenda , John Fay – Aksa, Karl Bent – Ashton Pioneer Homes, Vicky Davis – Asthon Pioneer Homes

Leaflet and fridge magnet distribution to residents in the Victo


(Left to right): Ashton Pioneer Homes resident with Karl Bent – officer from Ashton Pioneer Homes