Installing new communal recycling facilities

Installing new communal recycling facilities

This campaign worked with residents to establish the best possible site for communal recycling facilities. We consulted with residents to develop suitable communication materials to promote the new facilities.

The facilities campaign ran in the following areas across Greater Manchester:

    • Stockport
    • Rochdale
    • Tameside
    • Salford


Concentrating on providing better facilities, tailored recycling information and signage has seen positive results for improving recycling in apartments. Over a quarter of residents have changed their behaviour and are now recycling more, in some locations the change was as much as 44%. The recall of the campaign was also high amongst residents; on average three quarters remembered some form of communication (up to 95%).

In total 73 new facilities were installed across 22 locations in Greater Manchester.

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Leaflets and Media

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Facilities:     Rochdale     Salford     Stockport     Tameside


Brand new recycling facilities were introduced to residents living at Cavendish Mill, Assheton House, Bramble Court, Margaret House and Grosvenor house giving them a choice and the opportunity to recycle.

Residents first had official engagement days where they could collect their new split bags, caddies and food liners as well as to take home some recycling information to help them with the new facilities provided to them on site. The engagement days worked really well as it allowed residents to  raise any queries/concerns or questions in general about recycling with the Up and Forward team.


The area selected for the Rochdale recycling facilities campaign was College Bank Flats, these are a group of 7 high rise apartment blocks with a total of 764 properties. The aim of this campaign was to improve recycling facilities to encourage residents in high rise apartments to recycle paper and card, commingled (glass, cans, jars and plastic bottles) and food waste.

We met with both residents and the housing provider to discuss any issues they have which stops people recycling and through these consultations it was decided to give each resident 2 recycling bags one green for co-mingled waste and one blue for paper waste. These bags allowed residents to easily transport their recycling materials to the recycling facilities located outside the basement.  It was also decided to implement food waste collections in 3 of the blocks, these residents received a food caddy and a roll of compostable liners. New food waste facilities were installed at Mitchell Hey, Dunkirk Rise and Tentercroft. Roll out of the bags, caddies and communication leaflet took place on 07/07/2014 followed by the holding of information stands on a weekly bases in each block.


Flats in Stockport were provided with recycling bins, bags, caddies and food liners to encourage residents to recycle.

Heaton Towers and Norris Towers, Wilkinson Road, Stockport, and Clifford Court, Buxton Road, Stockport, had new food waste bins installed next to their commingled and paper bins. Residents also received bags, caddies and caddy liners following installation of their new facilities.

Hanover Towers and Pendlebury Towers, Lancashire Hill, Stockport, did not have any recycling bins. Residents living in these flats saw new commingled, paper and food waste bins installed at the start of July. Residents also received bags, caddies and caddy liners following installation of their new facilities.

All properties within the blocks received letters informing them of the work which was taking place, alongside leaflets with instructions of how to use the bags, caddies and new recycling facilities.