Ambassador Recycling Volunteer Poster

Ambassador Recycling Volunteer Poster

The Ambassadors campaign focused on changing attitudes to recycling through the recruitment of Ambassadors in low performing apartment blocks.

We worked with residents and caretakers to establish a team of Recycling Volunteers. Ambassadors helped to create new communications materials and encouraged their fellow neighbours to recycle more. Campaign materials developed included the provision of bespoke information guides and recycling information signage for communal bin stores.

This campaign was carried out in four Districts across Greater Manchester

  • Manchester
  • Salford
  • Bury
  • Oldham


Overall 54 Ambassadors were recruited across the four targeted areas. On average 14.5% of residents said they were recycling more following the campaign. The highest change was in Oldham where one quarter of residents claimed to have changed their behaviour.

The role of the Ambassador should come into its own after a period of time when information has been forgotten, misplaced or new residents move into the blocks. Further evidence of their ability to change resident behaviour in the long term may be seen post campaign.

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Leaflets and Media

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Ambassadors: Bury    Oldham     Manchester     Salford


The Manchester Ambassador campaign worked to improve recycling and tackle waste problems in the following apartment blocks across Manchester.

  • Homes 2 Flats
  • Deansgate Quay
  • Langley Buildings
  • The Life Buildings
  • City Gate
  • Great Northern Tower
  • Bentley Estate
  • Albion Mill

We looked for residents who lived in the above apartment blocks and on-site caretakers to become Recycling Ambassadors. Ambassadors were trained in correct recycling behaviour and encouraged to speak with their neighbours to find out what is preventing them from recycling.

Feedback gathered was used to provide new ways to help residents understand the facilities available to them.


The Ambassador campaign in Salford used caretakers and residents from Salix Homes, Pendleton Together and City West to become the main point of contact for any recycling queries. The Up and Forward team trained over 20 caretakers across all three housing associations to be Recycling Ambassadors. The caretakers were also taken on a trip to the education centre in Sharston.

As part of the campaign new permanent signage was put into the bin stores which was pictorial and simple to understand. Residents also received recycling magnets with information on what goes in each bin and also a letter with bespoke information for each block.

In total eight blocks of flats both high rise and low rise were picked for this campaign, as a way to improve recycling with the help of ambassadors. We are worked closely with three housing associations, Salix Homes, City West and Pendleton Together. Surveys were distributed to all residents which allowed us to get feedback on their recycling issues as well as what kind of campaign materials would be useful to them. In addition a number of drop-in focus groups were held as a way to enlighten residents about recycling and recruiting them to be ambassadors. From the engagement with residents communication materials and permanent signage were created based around their ideas to view communication material from this and other campaigns please click here


The Ambassador campaign looked to find new ways to improve recycling rates in selected flatted developments across Bury. Local residents were encouraged to become Recycling Ambassadors and focus groups were held to get residents talking about waste and recycling issues. Feedback has led to the installation of large recycling signs at bin stores – reminding people what they can and can’t recycle.

Norman Tooth, a resident at Chapelfield, Radcliffe, volunteered as a Recycling Ambassador in May 2013. To help people with their recycling Norman has delivered re-usable recycling bags and information leaflets to his neighbours on the estate.

Norman has lived at Chapelfield for around 2 years and is a member of the Six Town Housing Tenants Residents Association. He said: “I’ve been volunteering for a long time, and feel it’s important to give something back. I couldn’t imagine my life without volunteering. It’s vitally important that people recycle. We are running out of natural resources and we can’t keep contaminating the land, sending rubbish to landfill is not the answer.

Norman spends his time talking to neighbours to make sure they know how to recycle correctly. Since the campaign began recycling rates at Chapelfield have improved and more recycling bins have been installed


Oldham’s Ambassadors campaign focused on improving recycling rates in both low-rise and
high-rise flats close to the town centre through recruiting Recycling Ambassadors. All residents were door knocked and invited to take part in the campaign by volunteering as Recycling Ambassadors or attending focus groups to share their views.

Focus groups were held at each of the four sites to gain feedback and find out the different problems that each site had. Using this feedback, communications materials were tailored specifically to each set of flats. The high-rise flats opted for leaflets and permanent notices to stop people from using the chute rooms to dispose of recyclables and the low-rise flats chose to design their own notice boards for the entrances. Once the materials had been designed the focus groups met again to peruse and approve the final products.

Recycling Ambassadors were recruited from each site and all assisted with the distribution of leaflets and bags and the installation of signs and notice boards.