11th February 2015 – Children learn to recycle with Bin Bunny game

A new web game ‘Bin Bunny’ has been launched by Recycle for Greater Manchester’s European funded Life+ Up and Forward project in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University.

Originally designed for students as a recycling app, the web version has been developed to provide a fun way for children to learn about recycling by challenging players to sort through rubbish as quickly as possible.

Madeeha Murtaza, Project Support Officer, Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority said: “Bin Bunny offers schools a free, easy, fun and educational way to inspire and inform pupils about recycling. We have seen throughout the Life+ behavioural change campaigns how enthusiastic children are about putting the right stuff in the right bin.”

The game was designed by computer experts at Manchester Metropolitan University using high-tech apparatus inside MMU’s computer research labs, which are equipped with special glasses to track users’ eye movements across a screen.

Dr Darren Dancey, Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology said: “It’s simple to play and features different levels where the recycling needs to be sorted, becoming increasingly difficult with bonus levels. It’s a great way to educate children about the importance of recycling.”

Councillor Catherine Piddington, Chair of the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority added: “Educating children is an effective way to change recycling behaviour in the long-term. This web game engages children of primary and high school age, teaching them about recycling in a new and refreshing way. We are looking for schools throughout Greater Manchester to take up the challenge and encourage children to think about recycling and where their waste goes.”

‘Bin Bunny’ is available to play online at www.binbunny.co.uk . The phone and tablet-based student app ‘Getting Wasted’ is available on the iOS and Android systems. A web version is available at www.gettingwasted.co.uk .

News Release_Children learn to recycle with Bin Bunny game


L-R Mia Lynch (age 10) and Ben Lynch age (7) from Bury playing the game.